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Deadline for income tax returns imminent

The taxman cometh.

We are now one month and one day away from the April 15 deadline to file our tax returns.

This year's tax filing season has been slightly abbreviated thanks to delays caused by Washington leaders' inability to resolve the fiscal cliff crisis they created.

While the opening of the season was pushed back a week for normal filers (and up to a month for those who used some types of deductions), the delay doesn't appear to have set back the pace of tax filing all that much.  

State Tax Department spokesman Danny Forinash said earlier this week that the state had received more than 442,000 returns.

That's about 5 percent fewer than the 466,000 returns collected by the same time last year.

While the number is down, Forinash said the number of returns filed in recent weeks has increased.

"It's picked up a little bit as tax season has gone along," he said.

The state also has paid fewer refunds so far this year.

Forinash said the state had issued more than $292,000 worth of refunds through March 12.

"Last year at this time it was more than $324,000 in refunds," he said. "That represents more than a 9 percent difference."

The state received more than 853,000 tax returns last year, and officials expect a similar number this year.

The pace of filing typically picks up as the April 15 deadline approaches, and officials expect no different pattern this year.  They also expect even more people to file electronically.  

Last year, 73 percent of returns were filed that way. So far this year, 83 percent have been received electronically.

While the proportion of paper returns tends to increase as the end of the tax season nears, Forinash said officials believe they will still top last year's figure for electronic returns.

"We do expect that to stay above 73 percent," Forinash said.


Meanwhile, West Virginia native and billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline seems to be doing well of late.

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Cline is now dating his Palm Beach, Fla., neighbor, Elin Nordegren, the ex-wife of golfer Tiger Woods.

Page Six reported that Cline, 53, has been dating the 33-year-old former Swedish model since the end of last year.

Cline surely was able to entertain Nordegren on his luxury yacht — dubbed "Mine Games" — while Nordegren waited on construction crews to completely raze and rebuild the home on property near Cline's in the Seminole Landing oceanfront community in North Palm Beach.     

A representative for Cline declined to comment to Page Six about his relationship with Nordegren.

But — unfortunately for Cline — the newspaper did report the couple was not dating exclusively at this time.

Perhaps they're just Friends of Coal with benefits?


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