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Amazon hiring seasonal workers in Huntington, Inc. is hiring hundreds of full-time seasonal workers at the company's Huntington customer service center.

The customer service workers are being hired to help fill the increased number of orders placed during the holiday shopping season.

Nationwide, the company is hiring more than 70,000 full-time seasonal workers across its network of U.S. fulfillment centers. The company said many of those seasonal jobs have the potential to turn into permanent ones after the holidays.

"So far this year, we have converted more than 7,000 temporary employees in the U.S. into full-time, regular roles and we're looking forward to converting thousands more after this holiday season," Amazon Vice President Dave Clark said.

Amazon first opened a Huntington location in 2000, hiring about 370 people. The company recently expanded by building a 70,000-square-foot customer service center at Kinetic Park. That expansion was designed to create an additional 200 jobs by 2014.



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