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Play along with State of the State Bingo

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin will deliver his fourth State of the State address tonight beginning at 7 p.m. It is the most important speech of the year for Tomblin, giving him the opportunity to talk about his accomplishments, goals and priorities with the whole state watching.

But let's be honest. Unless you're a devoted politics follower, watching the State of the State can be a little dry.

That's why we here at the Charleston Daily Mail invented the State of the State Bingo game. By playing along, you'll pay closer attention to the speech and maybe win a prize.

It's simple. Clip out the game board above, and put a big X through each box when you hear Gov. Tomblin say "stakeholder" or "my fellow West Virginians."

Journalists also tend to show up in the background, so watch for our statehouse reporters Dave Boucher and Whitney Burdette. If you spot them, cross out their faces on the board.

To win, you must form a row of Xs across the game board — either horizonatally, vertically or diagonally — with one X in each BINGO column.

If you win, snap a photo of your winning card and email it to We'll select a winner at random for a special prize.


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