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High-profile cases among indictments

Indictments handed down during the August session of the Kanawha County Grand Jury listed a few high-profile cases, including the so-called Kanawha Sniper and the two men accused of robbing and severely beating a disabled homeless man.

Lance Jefferson, 18, and Greg Burdette, 34, both of Charleston were among the 82 indicted last week. Both have been charged with first-degree robbery and malicious wounding in the July 27 beating of Charles Bryant, 40.

Bryant said he offered to show Burdette a place to sleep for the night at a vacant house on Bigley Avenue about 3 a.m. July 27. He said they were going to sleep when Burdette began accusing him of stealing cigarettes.

Bryant, who uses a wheelchair, said Burdette and Jefferson beat him on three separate occasions that night. Both men told Charleston police they had training in mixed martial arts.

Jefferson struck Bryant "multiple times hard in the face, so much so blood spattered up his arm," Charleston detectives wrote in a criminal complaint.

They also are accused of stealing Bryant's backpack and cell phone. The two also took pictures of themselves and told police they planned to post them to Facebook, according to the complaint. They were arrested hours after the incident and remain at South Central Regional Jail on $250,000 bond each.

Bryant was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center's General Hospital for severe injuries to his face. He has since been released.

The grand jury also voted to indict Shawn Lester on three counts of murder for the sniper-style shootings that killed Gary Carrier Jr., Jeanie Patton and Okey Meadows Jr. in 2003. Lester was arrested at the end of March after an eight-year investigation that met with bad leads, dead ends and a lack of information.

Investigators say Lester shot Patton in retaliation for her boyfriend Marty Walker stealing a big block engine from his Rutledge Road garage. The engine contained methamphetamines he had been holding for a Mexican national named Gilberto "Tito" Lopez-Reyna.

Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants said prosecutors can now say Carrier and Meadows were acquaintances of Lester's. He said all three victims could be placed in Lester's garage.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt. It only means that a grand jury believes there is enough evidence to merit a trial by jury.

Those indicted should report to the following judges to be arraigned:

* Judge Jennifer Bailey, 9:30 a.m. Aug. 31

Danielle Beckham, no age or hometown, drug charges; Jonathan Douglas Butts, 39, Romance, first-degree sexual abuse by parent or guardian, incest; Jay Copley, 33, Charleston, drug charges; Kenneth Jason Ford, 33, Charleston, breaking and entering; Christian Brandon Hines, 25, Beckley, breaking and entering; Charles L. Illingworth, 36, first-degree sexual assault, malicious wounding; Aaron S. Parks, 24, Charleston, breaking and entering; Brandon Scott Shultz, 26, conspiracy, operating a drug lab; Clay Benjamin Sizemore, 19, Nitro, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Kevin Dewitt Shingleton, 45, Nitro, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Charles Allen Sparkman, 20, Gallagher, burglary; Wesley Taylor, 19, Clendenin, second-degree sexual assault.

* Judge Charles E. King Jr., 11:30 a.m. Aug. 25

Deshawne Antonio Taylor, 19, St. Albans, burglary, murder, kidnapping; Garland Murray, 28, St. Albans, burglary, murder, kidnapping, drug charges; Danielle E. Chandler, 36, Alum Creek, identity theft; Victoria Lee Critchfield, 18, Rand, forgery, uttering, obtaining by false pretense; Don Gary Cyrus, 54, Charleston, drug charges; Kareem Deshawne Robinson, 31, Charleston, drug charges; Andre Johnson, 42, Charleston, drug charges; Theresa Pauley, 41, St. Albans, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Earl Scarberry, 44, St. Albans, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Cassie Powell, Elkview, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Donald Powell Jr., 41, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Theodore Slater, 38, Nitro, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab; Samantha Slater, 29, conspiracy, operating a clandestine drug lab.

* Judge Duke Bloom, 9 a.m. Aug. 24

Shawn Thomas Lester, 36, Charleston, conspiracy, drug charges, murder; Gilberto Lopez, 33, conspiracy; Jerry Lee Dixon, 18, Glasgow, drug charges; Billy Mack Griffin, 32, Charleston, third offense DUI; Nicholas Bryan Kirk, 20, Alum Creek, prescription fraud; Roy Allen Martin, 37, Leewood, fleeing, third-degree arson; Kevin Wayne Murphy, 37, St. Albans, cultivation, conspiracy; Lesa Ann Murphy, 41, St. Albans, cultivation, conspiracy; Ashley Nichole, Parker, 24, Charleston, drug charges.

* Judge James C. Stucky, 9 a.m. Aug. 15

Josiah Bice, 24, Dunbar, drug charges; Benjamin Davis Hill, 23, South Charleston, breaking and entering; Larry Lamont Patterson Jr., 29, Charleston, wanton endangerment; Jason Scott Perry, 30, Charleston, drug charges; Daniel Schleicher, 24, Dunbar, drug charges; Michelle Dreggors, 35, Dunbar, drug charges; Matthew Ray Suttle, 26, Charleston, breaking and entering; Donald Ray Thomas Jr., 40, St. Albans, possession of a stolen vehicle; Travis Evan Williams, 21, Roanoke, breaking and entering.

* Judge Tod J. Kaufman, 1 p.m. Aug. 26

Adam Arnold, 34, Elkview, drug charges; Stacy Schoolcraft, 36, Elkview, drug charges; Richard Lee Booker, 48, St. Albans, burglary and grand larceny; Jeremy Charles Stalnaker, Charleston, burglary and grand larceny; Edward Lamon Moore, 24, Nitro, burglary and grand larceny; Adam Ryan Brown, 23, burglary; Juanita Carrie Hayes, 58, conspiracy, operating a drug lab; Steven Jerome Lee, Charleston, 41, malicious wounding; Dominique Martinez, 26, Charleston, child abuse causing bodily injury; Michael Anthony McDonald, 30, St. Albans, burglary and larceny; Joshua R. Meadows, 28, Charleston, burglary and larceny; Tonya D. Graco, burglary; Daniel Moore, 58, Sissonville, drug charges; Hermie Ginger Moore, 49, Winfield, threatening public official; Jerome Saunders, 55, Columbus, drug charges; Samantha Jo Swiney, 23, drug charges; Jeffrey Scott Burdette, 35, Charleston, drug charges.

* Judge Carrie Webster, 9:30 a.m. Aug. 30

Greg Allen Burdette, 35, Charleston, malicious wounding and first-degree robbery; Lance Michael Jefferson, 18, Charleston, malicious wounding and first-degree robbery; Cathy L. Hill, 51, Charleston, fraud and related activity in connection with access device; Damion Jerrell Thomas, 30, Charleston, fraud and related activity in connection with access device; Brian Charles Resor, 28, counterfeiting; Timothy D. White, 25, counterfeiting; Ricky L. Layne, 52, Charleston, third offense DUI; Jennifer Lynn Medina, 38, South Charleston, grand larceny.

* Judge Paul Zakaib Jr., 1:30 p.m. Aug. 22

Tabatha Dawn Blankenship, 34, St. Albans, identity theft and credit card forgery; Erica Bragg, 28, Cross Lanes, drug charges; Kuloni Brown, 32, Charleston, drug charges; Buddy Lee Daniels, 25, Nitro, burglary; Anthony Wayne Hawkins, 36, St. Albans, DUI fleeing; Ashley Humphreys, 25, St. Albans, burglary, domestic battery; Cody Elton Jones, 22, Charleston, burglary, domestic assault; Tony Michael Lawson, 39, St. Albans, drug charges; Joshua Andrew Marshall, 18, Charleston, grand larceny; Jason Wayne McDowell, 34, Charleston, malicious wounding; Michael J. Petrella Sr., 59, prohibited person in possession of a firearm; Thomas H. Wigfall Jr., 40, Charleston, drug charges; Victor Collier, 41, Columbus, drug charges; Lee Kennedy, 46, Charleston, drug charges.



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