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Pittsburgh man, others attacked in traffic after weekend game in Morgantown

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Pittsburgh man suffered severe head injuries and others also were hurt when unknown assailants attacked them after Saturday's football game in Morgantown, family members said.

Authorities have not identified the victims, but Helen Smith said her son-in-law, Marcus Mason, and daughter, Hannah, of Pittsburgh, were among those attacked. She said they were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic outside Milan Puskar Stadium when someone threw a rock in the car's driver's side window.

Hannah, who is 22 weeks pregnant, was driving at the time. The rock landed in her lap, Smith said.

When her husband asked a group of people who threw the rock, several individuals approached the vehicle.

Randy Smith, Hannah's father, said three men attempted to drag two of the couple's friends from the back seat before grabbing Marcus. They then pulled him out of the vehicle and started beating him.

Hannah rushed around the car to her husband and tried to stop the attackers, he said. She was knocked down in the process.

Smith said other drivers in traffic did not attempt to stop the beating until Hannah started screaming at the attackers, saying she was pregnant.

"I think it probably saved his life. He was not conscious or moving when she got to him," he said.

Marcus sustained a broken nose, a crushed eye socket and a fractured frontal bone in the middle of his forehead, Hannah said in a Facebook post Sunday.

He did not suffer a brain injury, however, and the frontal bone fracture is expected to heal on its own. His vision also was unaffected and the shattered bone in his eye socket can be replaced with a plastic plate, according to the post.

Marcus was transported to Monongalia General Hospital for treatment but was later transferred to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh for surgery, according to a press release from the Morgantown Police Department.

Although Helen and Randy Smith both said that Hannah was driving when the rock was thrown, police said in the press release that Marcus was the one behind the wheel at the time.

He went into surgery Monday morning, Helen Smith said.

Hannah Mason suffered bruising on her arms, legs and shoulders. Monongalia General doctors found her unborn child was not hurt in the attack, Helen Smith said.

According to police, the couple's friends exited the vehicle during the attack and also sustained minor injuries.

The Masons were at the game supporting Louisiana State University, which beat WVU 47-21. However, Helen Smith said her daughter's vehicle had no stickers or flags indicating they were LSU fans.

"It was just a random act of violence," she said.

Morgantown Police are investigating the attack with West Virginia University's Department of Public Safety.

No suspects have been identified, Morgantown Police Lt. Harold Sperringer said.

"We're asking for help; if anybody saw it, please call us," he said.

The Morgantown Police Department can be reached at 304-284-7454 or 304-284-7522.

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