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Starbucks could return by week’s end

Charleston Town Center representatives hope the Starbucks kiosk will reopen again by the end of the week.

The kiosk in the mall's Center Court on Sept. 20 was closed for a second time due to dust caused by the renovations, said Lisa McCracken, mall marketing director. She met with the manager of Starbucks Monday morning.

"The manager was very confident that they would open by the end of the week," she said.

As floors on all three levels of the mall are resurfaced, old tiles have been removed and the floors sanded, she said. This has created a good deal of dust in the building.

A large shield had been placed over the kiosk to keep out the worst of the dust, McCracken said. But coffee shop management opted to "err on the side of caution" and close the kiosk until the new tiles all have been put into place around the location, she said.

"Starbucks is very particular the environment their store operates in," McCracken said. "And we understand that."

All of the floor tiles from the eastern portion of the mall to Center Court have been replaced.

Tiles should be in place around the kiosk and throughout Center Court by the end of the week, McCracken said.

The decision to close came after Starbucks representatives had made numerous announcements that they would reopen the kiosk only to change their minds at the last second because of dust issues.

Starbucks closed because of dust and construction on Sept. 5 and reopened six days later, McCracken said.

"We had hoped that would be the last time they would have to close," she said.

Dust again caused a temporary closure on Sept. 20.

The installation of the new fountain at Center Court should not cause any problems at the coffee shop, McCracken said.

"The real dusty, gritty part of this project is behind us now," she said.  

Only Starbucks has closed during the renovations.

"We applaud all of our merchants that have worked with us during these renovations," she said.

The mall is undergoing about $7 million in renovations, including new tile on the first and third floors and new carpeting on the second floor. The entire project should be completed by Thanksgiving, McCracken said.

The newly redone second-floor bathroom has been reopened, and work continues on the third-floor restroom, she said.

The restroom on the third floor in the Food Court should be completed within two weeks.

New furniture to be installed in the mall, including benches, planters and tables, should arrive in about a week, she said.  

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