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Starved dog recovers at new home

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A once-malnourished pooch has found a new home and is packing on the pounds.

Last month, Charleston humane officer Clarence Carte found "Po," a young boxer mix, living in a West Side Garage with no food or water.

An anonymous caller told Carte the dog had lived in the garage for two months and, indeed, the poor pooch was so underfed you could count his ribs.

Lisa Brogan, 49, of Tornado, adopted the dog after seeing the Daily Mail's front-page story about him on Sept. 21.

"When I read the article, it broke my heart. I cried all the way to the shelter," she said.

Brogan signed the papers to adopt Po and promptly renamed him "Zeus," because he would not answer to Po.

"Zeus was a god, and that's a very strong name. He's a God-sent thing," she said.

Shelter workers couldn't let Zeus go home with Brogan that day, however. Shelter policy prevents animals from leaving without first being spayed or neutered, except in extenuating circumstances, and Zeus was still too weak to have surgery.

In the meantime, Brogan said she visited the shelter regularly to visit her dog. One day, she ran into Clarence Carte, the humane officer who got the dog from the West Side garage.

"I said, 'God bless you, and I hugged him,'" she said.

Brogan brought Zeus home early last week. She said he's eating well and putting on about a pound a day.

"He gets about 20 or 30 more pounds on him, he's going to be beautiful. Of course, he's already beautiful," she said.

Zeus is joining a big family. Brogan also has two cats, two parrots and a dachshund mix. So far, he's getting along with everyone.

Brogan said Zeus could already shake and sit when she brought him home, but he was not used to wearing a leash and was not completely housebroken. He's now doing better on both fronts.

"He's very friendly, very happy," she said. "He sleeps with me every night. He never leaves my side."

Brogan said she does not understand how someone could treat a dog the way Zeus's previous owners did.

"He's just like a child. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. In my eyes, all animals are God's animals," she said. "God saved his life."

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