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Dunbar man arrested in beating, burglary

Police say a Dunbar man offered to help a paralyzed man home but instead attacked him and stole his medication and money.

Cody Ray Taylor, 22, of 17th Street was arrested Tuesday in connection to the incident that occurred late last week.

Dunbar police began investigating Thursday after receiving information that Taylor had stolen medication from Ralph Gillenwater.

Gillenwater is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a motorized wheelchair. He told Dunbar Patrolman L.S. Hayes he was at the Go Mart on 16th Street in Dunbar on Nov. 7 when his wheelchair stopped working, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

He said a man, later identified as Taylor, offered to push him to his 18th Street home. But Gillenwater said Taylor instead began pushing him up 17th Street to a home he later learned belonged to Taylor's grandmother.

When Gillenwater asked Taylor what he was doing, Taylor responded he was going to rob him. He then unbuckled Gillenwater's seatbelt, carried him into the house and threw him in a chair, telling him to empty his pockets and fanny pack, the complaint said.

He said Taylor punched him in the face until he gave him a prescription bottle filled with about 80 Xanax pills, which are used to treat anxiety, and $57 cash.

Taylor's grandmother then entered the room and told Taylor "not to do him like that," and to stop hitting Gillenwater or she would call the police because "he is handicapped and cannot defend himself," the complaint said.

Taylor told his grandmother to shut up and shook the pills and money at her, telling her he was in a gang and that was how he made his money.

Gillenwater told Hayes that Taylor put a large hunting knife to his throat and told him he would "take my 45 and kick in your door and kill you, your wife and kids" if he called police.

He said Taylor then put him back in his wheelchair and pushed him home. Gillenwater later called 911 because of pain in his jaw and paramedics took him to Thomas Memorial Hospital. Doctors determined he had a fractured jaw.  

The story took a strange twist when 911 dispatchers notified Hayes they had received a call from Taylor.

Taylor has a police scanner at his grandmother's home and had heard Gillenwater's emergency call. He called to tell police he did not steal Gillenwater's pills. He claimed that it was Gillenwater who tried to sell the pills to him. He also said the paralyzed man swung at him first.  

Taylor was charged with kidnapping, assault and armed robbery. He is being held at South Central Regional Jail without bond.

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