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After more than a month, no has claimed $1 million Powerball prize

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Check your pants pockets.

It's been more than a month since someone purchased a million-dollar Powerball ticket at the Little General convenience store at 3604 Robert C. Byrd Drive in Beckley.

So far, no one has shown up with the winning ticket. But that hasn't stopped people from attempting to claim the prize.

Little General manager Hana Lilly said customers are asking every day about the ticket.

None of her regular customers won the money. Other customers tell Lilly they purchased the slip but have since misplaced it. Some claim they lost it in the washing machine.

One woman demanded Lilly review the security tapes from the three days leading up to the March 16 Powerball drawing to prove she was the one who purchased the winning ticket.

She even offered Lilly $10,000 of her winnings for the trouble.

"I'm not stupid. I've done this for years, since the Lottery came out. You have to have the ticket," Lilly said.

And she had no plans to watch those surveillance tapes.

"I don't get paid for that," Lilly said.

The lady eventually left the store but not before giving Lilly a good cussing. She returned the next day.

"She looked at me and bought a dollar scratch-off. She said, 'I won't be bothering you anymore.' I said, 'You didn't bother me in the first place.' Then she said, 'I found my ticket and it wasn't a winner,' " Lilly said.

"I said Lord, if a winning ticket changes people, (that's) awful."

The winning numbers for the March 16 drawing were 3-7-21-44-55, and the Powerball number was 16. The winning $1 million ticket matched each of the first five numbers but not the Powerball.

Although several convenience stores are located closer to Interstate 64/77, Lilly believes the ticket was purchased by an out-of-state driver. Either that, or someone just lost it.

Whatever happened to the ticket, its owner has until Sept. 16 to claim the prize.

West Virginia Lottery spokesman Randy Burnside said the Little General's location makes him think the winner could be a local. He said it's very uncommon for big prizes to go unclaimed.

"Normally, you hear from someone within a few days," he said. "Somebody's got $1 million in their pocket, or they've thrown it away."

If you own the winning ticket, call the West Virginia Lottery at 304-558-0500. Then, call the Charleston Daily Mail at 304-348-5129. We'd love to talk to you.

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