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Couple arrested after child falls from second-story window

Police aren't certain how long a Roane County toddler held onto a second-story windowsill outside her Spencer home before falling 15 feet.

Her parents, Jamie and Lucas Taylor, both 26, were arrested and charged with child neglect causing serious bodily injury.

The Taylors told deputies they were inside the house Thursday night and had no idea what happened until they heard one of their other children yelling and then the sound of the 3-year-old girl crying outside, according to a criminal complaint.

Officers responded to the Taylors' Barcutt Road home at 9 p.m. Thursday after a 911 call. They noted the window the girl fell from was closed when they arrived.

Sgt. M.W. Williams approached the toddler on the ground and immediately attempted to stabilize her head with his hands. He said the girl was crying and trying to wiggle and squirm.

The officer asked her if she was hurt, and she responded that she was and indicated her lower back was in pain. She was taken to Roane General Hospital. Her condition was not immediately available Monday evening.

Officers noticed white dust on the girl's legs and on the balls of her feet. Officers found what looked like drag marks through the dust and pollen on the side of the house, possibly where the "little girl's fingers and toes had dragged down the side of the house in an attempt to stop herself from falling," he wrote in the complaint.

Williams was contacted Friday by a Child Protective Services worker who was on her way to the home to remove the couple's four children. The officer went into the house with Jamie Taylor and was shown the window from the inside.

Williams noted two sets of dirty, child-sized fingerprints on the edge of the sill, indicating to him the child had been able to catch herself on her way out of the window and had hung on to the window for an unknown amount of time before sliding down the side of the house.

The parents are being held at Central Regional Jail each on $50,000 bond.



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