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Cyber Monday fills in Black Friday gaps

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- After shopping deals on the back-to-back Brown Thursday and Black Friday, some shoppers still had a few more presents to check off their Christmas lists.

And some people said the idea of shopping from the comfort of home is what makes Cyber Monday so appealing.

"Definitely waiting for Cyber Monday," said Nicole Racadag in response to a Facebook question. "It's so much more convenient to shop online. The online deals are great and you don't have the hassle of jostling through crowds and trying to find parking."

An analysis from Adobe Digital Marketing predicted 15 percent growth early on Cyber Monday.

Adobe also predicted online Black Friday sales would be up 17 percent and Thanksgiving, the fastest growing day, would be up 21 percent. According to the site, these predictions come from an analysis of 450 billion visits to more than 2,000 retail websites over the last seven years.

"Cyber Monday, in particular, will break records as the highest single online shopping day ever with sales above $2.27 billion," said the article on Adobe's Digital Marketing blog. 

Many people said after Black Friday, they were shopped out. However, a few shoppers said they liked to split the difference.

Melinda Mathews, who came up to Charleston from Richmond, said she and her family wanted to check out the deals while they were in the area for a funeral.

 "I have my phone that I keep checking for deals for today and Cyber Monday," she said.

Mathews said one of the deals she was on the lookout for was getting the NASCAR Racing Experience at half-price on Cyber Monday.

She said usually, she and her family shop for other Christmas presents that day but this year, everything is checked off of her Christmas list. 

 "Everything is bought, wrapped, ready or shipped," she said.

Jennifer and Chad Prunesti also came to Charleston Town Center for Black Friday. The Prunestis said they left their Lindside home at 1 a.m. and hit town around 4:30 a.m.

"We try to do Black Friday and we enjoy it," Jennifer Prunesti said. "It starts off the Christmas season. We don't really have a strategy. We just do it to start off the Christmas spirit. We enjoy watching everyone and getting some of the deals."

Jennifer Prunesti said she was getting ready for Monday's sales while taking a break from Black Friday shopping.

"That's what I was looking at before," Jennifer Prunesti said, picking up her phone. "Amazon is already sending me stuff going on on Monday."

And luckily, they don't have to get up as early for Cyber Monday shopping.

"We just go to work and then shop in the evening," she said.

The Prunestis said they would get anything they couldn't find on Black Friday. They said in particular, they wanted to find deals on electronics, jewelry and clothing.

"My strategy is to get everything I can on Monday and be done with it," said Chad Prunesti, who said he's been shopping on Cyber Monday for the last 10 years.

So, which day do they prefer?

"Friday's more of a -- just a fun day to hang out," Chad Prunesti said. "It's easier on Monday to get everything done."

Jennifer Prunesti agreed.

"This is just fun and the excitement of it all," she said. "Monday is when you get everything accomplished."

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