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More than $15,000 raised for needy

By From staff reports

Amid the frenzy to start holiday shopping and the stress of organizing their Thanksgiving meals, Daily Mail readers took the time to focus on those in need.

Checks already have begun arriving for the Daily Mail's Neediest Cases Appeal, which kicked off Thanksgiving Day with its first published case.

Already, readers have sent a total of $15,331.90 to the cause. In turn, we will begin sending checks to agencies so that they may begin funding needs in the first cases.

As always, every penny you send goes to the needs of the cases, first the ones you read about in the newspaper each day. At the end of the campaign, funds will be divided among more than 350 remaining cases that also were submitted by approved social service agencies with which the Daily Mail partners each year.


Recent contributors include:   

John F. & Ruth McGee Advised Fund--$2,000.00


James Snyder--$1,000.00


No name please--$1,000.00

In memory of Thomas and Frank Veltri--$1,000.00

Civic Affairs Council of Charleston Area Medical Center--$850.00


Douglas & Bonnie Fisher--$500.00

Jeffrey Pack--$500.00

In memory of Evangeline Skaff--$500.00

Donna Hamrick--$435.00

Saint George Ladies Guild--$300.00


Kenneth Turley--$250.00


Pamela Gross--$250.00

James Haas Jr.--$250.00

No name please--$200.00


Steve & Sheila Snodgrass--$200.00

No name please--$175.00

Marie Prezioso--$150.00

Terri & Bill Bannister--$125.00

Michael Stajduhar--$125.00

Joe & Therese--$100.00

Rob's Fund, Bnai Jacob Synagogue Ladies Auxillary--$100.00

In memory of Will, George, Mary, Carolyn, Nick & Maysel--$100.00

In memory of J.J. & Prue Piercy--$100.00

James Clark--$100.00


Joan & Robert Power--$100.00

Herbert Harr--$100.00

No name please--$100.00

Rose Marie Fratino--$100.00

Jonathan Young--$100.00

Joe Haskett--$100.00

Katherine Leggett--$100.00

Katherine Campbell--$100.00

Marion Baer--$100.00

A Friend in Ravenswood--$100.00

Happy Birthday Gary Hart--$75.00

Pam & Rob Campe--$70.00

For Parker & Brady--$50.00

Kyle & Shirley McGraw--$50.00

Ann Wilburn--$50.00

John Fischer--$50.00

No name please--$50.00


William Gessner--$25.00

Rosalie Stewart--$25.00

In memory of Hallie Ball--$25.00

Joan Sprouse--$25.00

I Corinthians 15:1-4--$25.00

Daisy Bennett--$25.00

No name please--$25.00

Kim Ride--$25.00

Donna Nunley--$20.00

Deborah Duffield--$20.00

Lindsey Duvall--$20.00




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