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Neediest Cases Appeal raises more than $102,000

By From staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The Daily Mail's Neediest Cases Appeal closed out its 2013 campaign raising $102,538.97.

Even in a year when many charities expected smaller-than-usual donations, checks came in amounts large and small, from a $10,000 anonymous donation to $5 donated in memory of late South African president and civil rights champion Nelson Mandela.

Donors give to the Daily Mail's Neediest Cases because they know each penny they send goes directly to the people who need it, because the newspaper absorbs all administrative costs.

It's been that way since 1961, when we first began the charity.

"Thank you for the good work you do and serving as a conduit for others to contribute for this worthwhile cause," one anonymous reader wrote. "I pray many will be blessed through your efforts and generosity."

 "Thanks for doing this," wrote another. "It is good to know that all the money goes to those in need."

Neediest Cases couldn't help anyone without the generosity of our readers, as well as the hard work of social workers around the state who comb through their client lists, find needs that cannot be met in other ways and submit those cases to the Daily Mail.

Then, once funds are collected, the agencies and caseworkers make sure your money is spent as intended.

The United Way's Information and Referral office provides another layer of oversight, helping to review agency cases and funds, making sure the money is first spent on those who need it most.

The Daily Mail's Neediest Cases Appeal publishes cases each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, but those are just a small sampling of the cases submitted for consideration each year.

Published cases have already been funded. Remaining funds are now divided among the remaining cases.

* * *


Neediest Cases final 2013 contributions

Anonymous            $10,001.00

Anonymous            $1,500.00

Anonymous            $1,000.00

Anonymous            $1,000.00

Herscher Foundation            $1,000.00

Anonymous            $1,000.00

Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing            $806.34

Kanawha City Lions Club            $750.00

In memory of Lowell C. Smith            $600.00

Gaylene Miller            $600.00

Anonymous            $500.00

A friend in Oklahoma            $500.00

Anonymous            $500.00

Edward Van Metre            $500.00

Pauline Lester            $500.00

No name please            $500.00

Ramsey Insurance Agency            $500.00

Karen & Rick Johnston            $500.00

In memory of Gladys Louise Fulton            $500.00

In memory of the Gianola and Mangano Families            $500.00

Anonymous            $500.00

Blair & Sandy Thrush            $500.00

No name please            $250.00

Anonymous            $250.00

Jim Gerchow            $250.00

Mark & Teresa McCormick            $250.00

Pat & Bill            $200.00

Kay Workman            $200.00

In memory of Attorney R. Brawley Tracy            $200.00

Ivey            $150.00

Dana Kelly            $150.00

Margaret Stockton            $100.00

Dennis & Cindy Clendenin            $100.00

Alpha Iota Sorority MuGamma Chapter            $100.00

Jayme Bumgarner            $100.00

John, Jennifer & Lauren Shelton            $100.00

No name please            $100.00

In memory of Mousie & Bonita            $100.00

In memory of Butch Anderson & Mildred Bateman            $100.00

In memory of our son Mark Daniel Allison            $100.00

In memory of Bill Todd            $100.00

Leah Lewis            $100.00

In honor of Delores F. Cantees and Bill & Kimberly Floyd and in memory of Bill Cantees Jr.            $100.00

Robert & Mary Griffith            $100.00

In honor of my grandchildren            $100.00

No name please            $100.00

In memory of Dooleys & Jones            $100.00

Denise Harper            $100.00

In memory of our beloved son Christopher            $50.00

No name please            $50.00

In memory of Christine Quinn  $50.00

In memory of Dan & Steve            $50.00

Karen Pauley $50.00

No name please            $50.00

Susan Mundy $50.00

Anonymous    $50.00

Mary Coyne  $25.00

In memory of Thelma Underwood            $25.00

No name please            $25.00

Ronald Villa    $25.00

In memory of Eddie and Mary K. Schulz $25.00

No name please            $25.00

No name please            $25.00

In memory of Papa Joe            $25.00

In memory of my Dad     $25.00

Anonymous    $25.00

In memory of Nelson Mandela and in honor of Desmond Tutu            $5.00

Total            $28,512.34

Previous Total            $74,026.63

Grand Total            $102,538.97





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