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Police find woman high, behind wheel with toddler unrestrained

By From staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Kanawha County woman was found passed out and under the influence behind the wheel of her vehicle in front of the Charleston Police Station, and authorities said her toddler was in the front seat covered in filth.  

Christina Nichole Moles, 26, of Cross Lanes will appear before a Kanawha County magistrate Wednesday to answer charges of driving under the influence and child neglect.

Charleston Patrolman B.A. Lightner responded to the Virginia Street police station May 7 to assist Cpl. R. Skull, who was trying to wake Moles as she sat in front of the building with her hazard lights on.

Moles was "slumped over while her child, less than 2 years old was climbing on her lap," Lightner wrote in a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

Officers got the doors open and Moles awoke but was lethargic. She couldn't hold her eyelids open, Lightner wrote.

She told officers she "came down to get divorce paperwork, I'm fine," according to the complaint, but then her head fell forward as if she'd fallen asleep.

Officers also noted while speaking to Moles that her pupils were constricted and that her eyelids were droopy.

She told officers she took depression medication and that she had been to Prestera Center. She later told officers the medication was not prescribed to her.

She was arrested after failing a field sobriety test.

Officers then noticed the child's diaper was "half hanging off" and was full. The child was dirty and only wore the diaper. The child's seat also had clothes in it and was stained with feces.

Moles told police she thought the child was in the car seat when she was driving to the courthouse.

She was free on bond Sunday.


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