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Replica Nina, Pinta sailing into port in Charleston

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and if you find American history appealing, these two ships are sailing to Charleston from Wheeling.

Replicas of the Nina and Pinta soon will arrive in Charleston, and history buffs will be able to tour the floating museums.

The ships will be docked at Haddad Riverfront Park from Oct. 25 to Nov. 4, City Manager David Molgaard said.

The ships are being brought to the city by the Columbus Foundation from the British Virgin Islands and will be docked to the east of Schoenbaum Stage, Molgaard said.

Construction of the new boat dock to the west of the stage will not interfere with the event, he said.

Although the event was not planned to coincide with HallowEast and FestivALL Fall, which starts Oct. 25, it will be a welcome addition to the numerous events held around the city during that period, Molgaard said.

"It's just a pleasant happenstance," he said about the scheduling. "In addition to the encore Live on the Levee concert, we'll have these replica ships at our park during the month we celebrate Columbus Day."

The arrival of the ships fits well with the eclectic spirit of FestivALL, Molgaard said.

The ships have been on display at Heritage Point in Wheeling. They sailed down the Ohio River on Tuesday.

The Nina is a replica of the ship Columbus sailed to the New World three times, according to the Columbus Foundation website. The Nina replica was built by hand in a tiny port town in Brazil.

It first set sail in 1991.

The Pinta replica was launched in 2005. It was also built in Brazil and is larger than the original ship.

There is no word on whether there are plans to build a replica of the Santa Maria. Representatives with the Columbus Foundation could not be reached for comment.

Admission to the ships is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors 60 years old or older and $6 for children 5 to 16. Admission is free for children 4 years old or younger.

The ships are currently on display in Marietta, Ohio, according to the website. They are scheduled to depart for Charleston Oct. 21.

Representatives from the foundation had contacted Charleston officials about a year ago to schedule the event, Molgaard said.  

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