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Nitro deeds private road to state

By Bridget May

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The state Division of Highways will take over a street previously maintained by the city of Nitro.

City Council members voted 7-1 Tuesday night to approve a request from Solco Inc. allowing Nitro Development Co. to deed Don Karnes Boulevard to the state.

Nitro Development Co. owns Nitro Marketplace and wants the road to be under state care. An increase in heavy trucks entering and exiting the FedEx Distribution Center is causing damage to the road surface, officials said.

By approving the request, the city relinquishes its responsibilities to maintain the road. That was a point of concern for at-large Councilwoman Brenda Tyler.

Tyler said she has "lots of concerns about that road," and she isn't sure turning it over to the state is in the "best interest of the city." She worries giving control to the state will hurt access to the property and cause traffic problems.

Mayor Dave Casebolt, however, supported council's decision saying, "I'm all for it."

Don Karnes is currently a private access road. By allowing the state to take control, the city will now have the ability to enforce the speed limit on the road. Casebolt also thinks the city will save money because the state will take over maintenance.

In other news, Councilwoman Laurie Elkins reported she has submitted a letter of intent to pursue grant funds to clean up the area between Dupont and Washington avenues. She said water backs up in the area and that has led to a lot of overgrowth and an increase in snakes and mosquitoes.

The Army Corp of Engineers has developed a plan that will render the area more usable, she said.

Council members also voted to award a bid of $1,500 to Kent Woodruff for an appraisal of an adjoining piece of property that was donated to the city. The city plans to use this property to build a neighborhood park.

"Once that project is completed, it will be a huge asset to the city," said Elkins.

City council also voted to decrease the cost of pool passes for the 2013 season. The rate for family passes will decrease from $200 to $150 and the rate for individual passes will drop from $100 to $85.

General admission will stay the same at $4 for adults and $3 for seniors and children under five.

Casebolt called city council into a closed-door executive session at the end of Tuesday's meeting. Council members would not comment on what was discussed. City Attorney Ritchie Robb said only that it was in regard to ongoing litigation.


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