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Two candidates nominated for vacant St. Albans council seat

By Bridget May

St. Albans City Council members accepted two nominations to fill the vacant Ward 2 council seat Tuesday.

The seat has been vacant since last year when Councilman JD Adkins moved out of the ward.

Vice Mayor Helen Warren nominated Shirley Hyatt for the position. Councilman Ken Pennington nominated Lee Roberts.

Each candidate will have an opportunity to address council at the Feb. 4 meeting. Afterward, council members will decide which one will represent Ward 2 for the remainder of Adkins' term.

The position is up for reelection in the June municipal election.

Council members also began the process of amending several city ordinances to make sure they align with state code. They adopted four amended ordinances on first reading.

The first ordinance prohibits the operation of vehicles without evidence of registration. Moreover, owners may not knowingly operating vehicles, or allow vehicles to be operated, without possession of a valid registration card and license plate.

In the event either is lost, the ordinance allows the owner to display a temporary facsimile of the plate for no more than 15 days.

The second ordinance prohibits the improper use of evidence of registration. City Attorney Charles Riffee said the ordinance is designed to preclude the alteration of documents.

The penalty for violating either is a fine up to $500.

A portion of the zoning ordinance is being eyed for an amendment that would a definition of recreational vehicles and how they are to be parked.

The final ordinance prohibits injuring or tampering with vehicles or special mobile equipment.

Police Chief Michael Matthews explained that this ordinance specifies that mobile equipment like boats, railcars and recreational vehicles may not be tampered with or damaged. It does not make specifications for breaking and entering a vehicle.

Anyone caught damaging or removing parts from these types of vehicles will be charged with a misdemeanor if the damage is less that $1,000. If damage or removal of parts exceeds $1,000, the person responsible will be charged with a felony.

Each ordinance will be up for second reading at the next meeting. If passed, they will go in to effect immediately.










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