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Region to warm up before cold weekend

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Warm temperatures and spring-like showers are in the forecast for the next few days but the bone-chilling weather is set to return for the weekend.

Temperatures today are expected to reach the mid-50s, and although there's a good chance of rain, the warm weather will steadily improve through Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

The warmer weather comes as a reprieve to those in the Kanawha Valley, where temperatures stayed below freezing most of last week.

A low pressure system building to the west combined with winds from the south and southwest will cause temperatures to rise into the mid-60s this week, said Joe Merchant, a meteorologist at the Charleston weather office. But once that system shifts to the north, it will begin pulling a cold front through the area.

"It's sort of an up-and-down pattern right now," Merchant said Sunday. "These high temperatures are not normal. Highs in the 60s are not normal. But the unsettled pattern is certainly normal for this time of year."

Forecasters estimate Tuesday's high will be 66 degrees with a 20 percent chance of rain. At 50 degrees, the low for Tuesday is still warmer than all of last week.  

Wednesday calls for a high of 61 degrees but also has an 80 percent chance of rain with thunderstorms likely after 10 a.m. Forecasters said Wednesday evening will bring a low temperature of about 28 degrees and a chance of more rain or even snow showers.

"We seem to be in a position where it's really tough to say too far in advance if anything coming will be rain or snowfall," Merchant said.

Snow showers are expected on and off Thursday along with temperatures in the low 30s most of the day. Friday stands a 40 percent chance of receiving more snow with highs around 27 degrees and a low of 17 degrees.

 The temperatures expected are reminiscent of last week, when teeth-chattering cold gripped the state, prompting multiple school closures. The lowest temperature last week was 22 degrees, last Tuesday's high.

Temperatures rose slightly through the week but got a bump after the weekend snow showers.

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