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Workers clean up Clendenin restaurant after vandalism

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Workers at a family-owned Clendenin restaurant have been busy this week cleaning up a mess left by vandals who ransacked the establishment.

Late Sunday or early Monday, the back door was kicked in at Rockin' Robin's Burgers and Shakes on U.S. 119 near Clendenin.

Vandals also broke through a metal security cage behind the door, said Sarah Gilmore, daughter of owner Robin Young.

Once inside, they tore cabinets from shelves, smashed tomatoes all over the floor, tipped over an ice cream machine, emptied trash cans and broke light bulbs. The cash register and about $3,000 worth of tools were stolen. 

Luckily, the cash register was empty.

It seemed like a personal attack, she said.

She said the business did not have insurance. She hadn't yet calculated how much the repairs and cleanup would cost.

Young said the community has rallied behind her family.

"I have a lot of support in our community, and we will get through this time and continue to serve our community," she said.

"It is a shame that honest, hard-working people that try to build something wonderful for their family can have a stranger come in and try to take it away."

The restaurant has security cameras, but they weren't working at the time. Gilmore said that has been remedied.

She said they contacted the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office to file a report and called area pawnshops to see if any of the stolen items had been brought in.

Cpl. Brian Humphreys, a spokesman for the sheriff's office, said Cpl. L.A. Grace is investigating the incident but had no leads Wednesday afternoon. Anyone with information can contact Grace at the sheriff's office at 304-357-0169.


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