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Makeup artist Haddy returns for another 'Face Off'

Charleston's Robert "RJ" Haddy is headed back to the Syfy Network show "Face Off."

Haddy, who made it to the season finale in the show's second season, was invited to join a Season 5 lineup that includes eight new contestants and veterans from seasons past.

The show pits the makeup and special effects artists against each other in weekly challenges during which one of them is eliminated until, as the season progresses, just one remains.

Haddy, a former Capital High School teacher who now teaches special effects and makeup workshops and sells a line of airbrushes and paints, admits his response was less than enthusiastic when he got the call from a show representative back in April.

"Well, they called and said, 'Do you want to do this again?' and I said, 'Honestly, no,'" Haddy said. While he had a blast his first time around, the experience also was stressful.

A producer then called Haddy and he reconsidered.

"He said, 'Whatever you are doing now, this can only push you a bit further,' " Haddy recalled. Plus, the show's winner gets $100,000 and a car.

Taping took place in May and June.

"It's done and over with," Haddy said. But no spoilers allowed, of course.

"I couldn't even tell anyone that we had been picked," he added, until this week when Syfy announced the new season, which premiers Aug. 13, according to its website.

"I'm glad I did it," Haddy added. "It was a much different experience this time. I was much more relaxed. It was like going to summer camp the second year. I wasn't as intimidated by the judges as I was the first time. I was there to have fun."

When he was selected the first time around, to the show's second season, Haddy had said his biggest goal was to represent his home state well no matter what happened.

Week after week, though, he advanced to the next step by succeeding with challenges such as creating costumes and prostheses based on themes from horror and science fiction films. As contestants were eliminated one by one, Haddy found himself down to the final episode.

Since returning to Charleston, he has taught school and now teaches workshops. He currently is booked through early fall with appearances connected to Season 5 of "Face Off."

Besides new contestants, the show includes Eric Zapata from Season 4; Alana Schiro, Roy Wooley and Laura Tyler from Season 3; Miranda Jory and Haddy from Season 2; and Frank Ippolito from Season 1.

Judges are Ve Neill, Glen Hetrick and Neville Page. Returning host is McKenzie Westmore and the contestant mentor is Michael Westmore.

Haddy, 38, graduated from Capital High  and attended the Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Hollywood after high school and worked for Alterian Studios in California working on a variety of movies for five years before returning to Charleston in 2000.

Contact writer Monica Orosz at ore 304-348-4830. 


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