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Charleston police searching for suspect after West Side shooting

By Candace Nelson

Charleston Police are searching for one suspect after a Saturday afternoon shooting that left one woman injured.

Jamar Adams, 25, allegedly opened fire during a fight with Donovan Hardison, no age given, on the 1500 block of 2nd Avenue on Charleston's West Side.

A bullet struck Jodicy Bateman, 21, of Charleston, as she was getting into her vehicle. She was hit in the shoulder, police said.

Inside the vehicle were Bateman's mother and a four-month-old baby. No other injuries were reported.

Bateman's injuries were not life threatening and she has been discharged from Charleston Area Medical Center, hospital officials said.

No other injuries were reported. Hardison ran down the street, and police said they have a positive identification on Adams as the shooter.

Adams is wanted for malicious wounding and two counts of wanton endangerment.

"Mr. Adams is well known to the Charleston Police Department," said Lt. Steve Cooper, chief of detectives. "He has a criminal history, and he is well-known to be involved in activities that will result in violence and/or drug-dealing."

Both individuals have a criminal record. Hardison was arrested last year on a drug dealing charge.

Police are investigating a motive.

"We don't have a motive on it, but we can say they both have a history in the drug game, but you never know for sure," Cooper said. "Sometimes these guys that sell drugs, they beef over other stuff - women or money or gambling - different things. So we just don't know for sure."

Neighbors reported hearing about three or four shots. Police have recovered ballistic evidence at the scene that would be related to the firearm in question.

Cooper said he recalls some shootings in that neighborhood in the past but nothing recently.

"It's not random. This was the result of an altercation between two specific people. For a specific purpose," Cooper said. "We don't feel like anyone else could be in danger, except for maybe Mr. Adams when it comes to possible retaliation. So we're hoping that maybe he'll turn himself in."

Cooper said they don't say retaliation is possible in every case, but they do believe it's a possibility in this situation.

"We're hoping someone who cares about him knows where he is and gives us a head's up on his location."

Adams is about five feet, five inches and 250 pounds. Those with any information are encouraged to call the Charleston Police Department at 304-348-6460.

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