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Case of Charleston attorney accused of shooting in home transferred to Boone County

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Boone County prosecutors will lead the case against a Charleston attorney accused of firing shots in his South Hills area home.

Philip Morrison, executive director of the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute, announced Tuesday that Boone Prosecutor Keith Randolph would take the case against Mark Bramble, 49.

Bramble, an attorney who formerly worked at the state Attorney General's Office, is accused of firing more than 40 rounds from various firearms in his home in the Sherwood Forest subdivision the morning of Aug. 12. He was charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment, both felonies.

Kanawha Prosecutor Mark Plants stepped down from the case last month because he lives near Bramble and was at home at the time of the incident.

Randolph said he knew where the case stood as far as procedure. He didn't want to get into the facts of the case just yet, but said he knew Bramble had waived his preliminary hearing.

Lori Bramble, who escaped the home uninjured, called 911 about 9:13 a.m. Aug. 12 to report that her husband was armed, hallucinating and firing shots in their Cornwall Lane home. Kanawha Metro 911 dispatchers could hear the shots, according to court documents.

She told the dispatcher Bramble pointed the gun at her but later told officers that she didn't believe he intended to hurt her. She told them he'd said, "There's someone in here trying to get me."

Charleston police responded along with multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Kanawha Sheriff's Bomb Squad. Officers heard shots fired inside the home.

Officers reported several shots being fired outside from inside the home. They also noted in documents hearing projectiles hitting the trees and bushes behind them.

A robot used by the bomb squad was sent into the home during a lull in the shooting. The device found Bramble injured but moving on the floor in a back room.

He was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center's General Hospital with self-inflicted injuries. He underwent surgery and was arrested immediately upon his release from the hospital.

Bramble worked as an assistant attorney general for the employment programs division in the Attorney General's Office for a little more than a year, but gave his notice of resignation a week before the shooting. It was to go into effect Aug. 30.

Plants said in previous statements that Charleston officers knocked on his door and told him about the shooting and to get his kids away from the windows. They moved to a room in their home that is behind a hillside. The prosecutor said he'd heard the shots during the standoff.

"I was not scared for our safety," he said then. "We were within range of a stray shot, but I can't honestly say we were in fear. But we couldn't leave our house."

Randolph has served as special prosecutor before on cases in Logan County, he said. He didn't think the case would take away from normal business. There are three other prosecutors working in his office.

"It is pretty heavy, but we have it managed pretty well here in our county," Randolph said of the Boone office's caseload.  

Randolph didn't expect any conflicts to arise. The Fayette County Prosecutor's Office would serve as a backup in case of conflict.  

The decision came down to resources, Morrison said.

"You've got a prosecutor and two or three assistants in Boone, and a prosecutor and two or three assistants in Fayette. When you put those together, you've got a sizeable group of people," he said.

Randolph said the next step is preparing the case for the Grand Jury in Kanawha County. Bramble is no longer listed at South Central Regional Jail.


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