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CAMC leaders excited about hitting goals

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Charleston Area Medical Center exceeded the target in several quality of care areas, according to a scorecard presented in Wednesday's Board of Trustees meeting.

In one of the areas, CAMC had a score of 0.7 for observed versus expected mortality, which means that for every 100 patients expected, 70 are dying, explained Dale Wood, vice president of system improvement and chief quality officer.

Wood said the industry grades a hospital by comparing how many deaths occurred to how many were expected. The expected number is based on patients' clinical conditions. 

"That's a pretty big deal. We are performing better than the average hospital dealing with the types of patients we are dealing with," Wood said.

Wood said CAMC also is performing well in patient safety and evidence based care reliability.

In patient safety, Wood explained CAMC is in the top safety composite. In evidence based care reliability, he explained there are different indicators for patient care. Reliability measures how many patients receive every element of this care. Wood said CAMC has exceeded its target when it comes to patients receiving every element of care.

The scorecard also looked into other areas including the emergency department, measuring the time through the emergency department.

Board member Ed Welch explained there are issues with the amount of time patients stay in the emergency department. He said sometimes, patients are admitted to the department, receive their care but stay because there are no available beds in the hospital.

However, he said if you take out these "boarders," the wait time in the emergency room is about four and a half hours. Welch said the industry standard is four hours.

"The point we're making is that we don't have enough beds," Wood said. "That's why we're building 48 beds at Memorial, so we can take more patients and have the capacity to treat them."  

Board members said the new David Lee Cancer Center is moving along on schedule with the final steel beam being placed in a topping off ceremony taking place 10:30 a.m. Nov. 18.

The 100,000-square-foot facility will bring all of CAMC's cancer services under one roof.

The center will be open for patients in 2015.

In the meeting, members also said as of September's numbers, CAMC is $5 million behind budget but within reach of the budget for the rest of the year. Officials explained CAMC is behind where they thought they would be on the bottom line. 

Board members also said CAMC is exceeding the national average when it comes to charity care. According to the CAMC's 990 form, 13.82 percent was charity care compared to nationally, where it's 5 percent. This doesn't include Medicare shortfall or bad debt. CAMC Board of Trustees meetings are at 8 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the CAMC General corporate boardroom.


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