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W.Va. steel town hosting Paramount film crews

WEIRTON, W.Va. -- The city of Weirton is again becoming a movie set.

Residents in Weirton Heights got letters informing them Paramount Pictures plans to shoot a movie called "Darlings'' in their neighborhood. It revolves around a 14-year-old boy and is set in a steel town in 1979.

Mayor Mark Harris says most shooting will be on Main Street, which will occasionally be shut down.

He says filming could last for two or three months, and crews have agreed to buy materials from local suppliers when possible.

Marsh Supply owner Fred Marsh says crews have already been in his store looking for vintage props, and resident Mike Gusto says film crews approached him about finding old cars.

Some scenes from the classic Vietnam film "The Deer Hunter'' were also shot in Weirton.


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