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Retired W.Va. teachers needed as substitutes

Kanawha County school board members approved a policy for the seventh straight year that allows retired teachers to substitute in areas of critical need.

The policy states the board has critical need for substitutes in 27 different subject areas. Some days, the demand for substitutes exceeds supply, Superintendent Ron Duerring said.

"Sometimes we fill totally, and then there are a lot of days we don't," Duerring said.

The policy allows retirees to work as a substitute without losing retirement benefits.

There are limitations. A person that has retired in the same employment term will lose their retirement benefits if that person comes back as a substitute. Typically, there are limitations on when public employees can return to work in a field if they are receiving retirement.

Someone who retired outside of that employment cycle can only be hired if there are no other teachers who are certified to teach that subject, according to the policy.  

Duerring said it is especially beneficial when a substitute is needed for a longer period. The policy allows students to learn from someone certified in a subject area as opposed to a non-retired substitute who might not be certified, he said.

The board unanimously adopted the policy. 


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