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Your vents, Monday, Dec. 24

  • I recently heard Joe Manchin on Hoppy's show. When is he going to ask about what Eric Holder and the guns did? Ask him about Roe v. Wade. How many babies have the Democrats killed through abortion? How about them?

  • They have all of these bad shows coming on. Remember Paducah and the guy who painted his head red? Get rid of all of these shows on television.
  • While drugs are going on, they want to destroy guns. It doesn't matter what it takes.
  • I saw Sen. Manchin on television. Why doesn't he do something about mental health and funding issues for West Virginia?
  • The spending of billions, lying and crooked dealing on both sides of the aisle balance out the scales perfectly.
  • My heart goes out for those kids and teachers. I love little kids. I used to be one myself. It really hurts down deep. You are going to pay for these wrongs.
  • If I put trash on the side of the road, they would arrest me for littering. So the assessor candidates need to get your political signs off of the side of the road at Campbells Creek.
  • Sen. Manchin and his wife, Gayle, are excellent examples of everyday, happy, dirty politicians trying to act all protective of our little ones.
  • Joe Manchin must be truly going to run for president in 2016. He is being pushed to the front of many news items lately.
  • Until we defend our embassies with all of the force we can, these attacks will keep happening.
  • Someone needs to remind Sen. Manchin that the Second Amendment wasn't made so people could hunt. It was established so that men could protect themselves from tyrannical government.
  • Most television programs are a bad example. Most of them have a gun in one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other. Then we wonder what is happening to our young people. Look at them and turn your life around.
  • Why can't our school system have the same high security level as the courthouses do? Our kids are the next generation and should be protected just like everyone else.
  • I've sold health insurance since 1969, and we don't have reports on how many procedures we deny. Wait until Obamacare comes and you will see what happens.
  • While the shooting of the children and teachers was tragic and sad, it doesn't warrant going after guns and gun control. It was the boy who shot the gun, not the gun.
  • Obama has rejected yet another plan by John Boehner to avoid the fiscal cliff. He keeps saying the plans aren't balanced, but Obama's aren't either. He will never be balanced. But John Boehner knows best, and Obama doesn't know squat.
  • The election is over so why doesn't Walt Helmick take down his signs? He is nothing but a big braggart.

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