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Your vents, Tuesday, Dec. 25

  • Concerning the sewer increase in Nitro, I know for a fact that former mayor Rusty Casto strongly opposed raising rates on the citizens to extend sewer lines outside the city limits.

  • I raised a single son alone many years ago. After he got married, his wife decided the children would have nothing to do with me, their grandmother. Now the children are near their 30s. I had grandparents and I loved them dearly. To this mother, you have really done those children wrong by not letting them have anything to do with a grandparent.
  • If WVU can beat Syracuse, and that is a big if, it will be the last ballgame they win for a long time. We will see how much respect they get. Marshall will look fantastic next to them. Just wait and see.
  • You think math education is bad now? Wait until this common-core standard kicks in. They will no longer be teaching algebra, calculus or trigonometry. So get ready for your kids because they are not going to know it.
  • Sen. Manchin, it is not about hunting, it is about having the resources to fulfill your civic duty when required. Taking the tragedy and trying to make political hay out of it is just absolutely wrong.
  • To best straighten out our national debt problems is to send Congress and Senate home with no pay or insurance and extra things they get for a year. We don't seem to need them anyway. They aren't getting anything done.
  • Just think how much money it would save us if able-bodied welfare recipients would have to be drug tested before we would hand them a check.
  • Are they cowards when they have to go out and buy an assault weapon? If you need to defend yourself from people, a pistol should be able to do the job. What do you need with an assault rifle? You are just a bunch of cowards and nuts.
  • The Dec. 19 Daily Mail editorial titled "What factors enable mass murderers?" left out violent video games.
  • If President Obama wanted to control guns, he would have done something when he worked in Chicago as a neighborhood organizer. Chicago is high on the list of murder with guns. The rates are higher now than before he went into politics.
  • I have a grandchild who is "nailed" to a video violence game in his room. You can hardly get them out to eat. They won't even be able to communicate with society when they are older.
  • This is just a reminder. Everyone who receives welfare is not a deadbeat - "judge not lest ye be judged."
  • Someone in power needs to require the DEP to publish the results of their study of the dangers of fracturing of the ground for natural gas, known as fracking. That needs to be done yesterday. Do we have to wait for someone to die to get to the truth?
  • After gaining a full six-year term, Sen. Manchin is banking on the voters having a short memory. His post-election stances swing from conservative positions that most West Virginians embrace to the liberal Kool-Aid in Washington, D.C.
  • I cannot think of anything more wasteful than the new-fangled single-cup coffee makers. They are for people who have money to burn. Shame.
  • To the caller speaking about where is our governor: Don't worry about it. All he wants to do is be governor and he has that. That doesn't mean he wanted to go out there and do anything like work to boot. Quit making a shambles out of it.
  • The GOP is going to vote on the fiscal cliff on Thursday. We the people need to watch and see how Shelley Moore Capito votes. We'll see if it is for the middle class, the disabled veterans, or wanting to take money from Social Security and for Grover Norquist.
  • For all the taxpayers who are paying for these welfare vultures on food stamps who trade them in for liquor and dope, give us a telephone number to call and report these people. Evidently, the people running these programs don't know how to find them. Give us some place to report fraud.
  • I finally figured out what is the matter with kids these days. After reading all the comments in the paper, I have concluded that many of them just have ignorant parents.
  • Why are alleged murderers and rapists let out of prison after years through DNA, but a man who finds out after the divorce that children don't belong to him can't get a DNA test to defend himself?
  • Republicans, just remember, no more increases in the cost of living for Social Security will mean no more voting for Republicans. Now you know why you can't get the presidency, don't you?
  • Sen. Manchin can't have it both ways. Either he is willing to support and encourage effective protection of children and our citizens from people abusing gun rights, or he is not.
  • Instead of giving money to people who are unemployed, why don't we recreate the WPA and the CCC? There is plenty of work for anybody who wants to work. We have plenty of public land for them to raise their own gardens. This would put people to work and help them learn to take care of themselves.
  • To the man driving the big red truck that was on the Kanawha City Foodland parking lot last week jumping all over the lady in the Jeep: You need to know what happy holidays mean before you stand there calling her obscene names. I witnessed you coming toward her and you almost hit her. I feel sorry for the lady sitting beside you taking that abuse also.

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