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Your vents, Friday, Jan. 11

  • When a child is born, an identification-tracking chip should be put in the child's body with parental consent. If that child comes up missing, that child can be found immediately.

  • I got an ad from a pharmacy with a list of items excluded from a 20 percent discount. They should just put what isn't excluded. The list of those would be smaller.
  • Clinton had the highest tax rates and the best economy in years. The wealthy got their tax breaks and only hired more cooks and chauffeurs. Everyone is crying about the end of the world if their taxes go up. You need to get a life.
  • As of April 2012, the Obamas had taken 17 vacations, he played 100 rounds of golf, and spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Michelle with her entourage cost over a million dollars when she vacationed in Spain, South Africa and Botswana. Compare that to President Bush's trips to his ranch.
  • Can Marshall University sports attract nothing but academically ineligible players? If they can't make the grades in high school or prep schools, how can they be expected to make it in college?
  • Dana just fired the only defensive coach in Morgantown that knew anything about defense.
  • Do you know what is priceless? Marshall didn't even go to a bowl. They are 0-12 against us, got blown out by us this year, and are in a conference that is so bad teams are clawing to get their way into the "inferior Big East." It was no shame to lose to Syracuse, who is soon an ACC team.
  • For the Obama voters who actually have a job: Did you notice your first paycheck of 2013 was a little less than 2012? You fools thought the rich were the only ones who were going to pay their fair share.
  • If the State Bureau for Public Health can spend two months working on a menu for meetings, it's time for that bureau to be done away with. What the Sam Hill are they doing other than that?
  • If you collected a paycheck this week, you saw more go out in taxes. If you spent any money, you paid more in taxes. Yet the Democrats still claim 99 percent of the country won't see higher taxes. Do the Democrats have a clue what a tax is? Their great leader says he's not raising taxes, so it must be true?
  • Imagine that. Decades of local business supported Regatta without a single scandal. But it was phased out to be replaced with Multifest. A few years of Multifest and we have tax fraud charges.
  • Mitch McConnell and Shelley Capito hate the president of the United States so much that if he nominated George W. Bush for secretary of defense, they'd oppose the nomination. We need to send these know-nothing Republicans home and elect representatives who want to govern.
  • Regarding the negative vent about federal workers getting a pay increase: Be advised that we have not had a pay increase since 2010 and the planned pay raise is for 1/2 of 1 percent. For an employee making $50,000 per year, that would be an annual pay increase of $600 before taxes.
  • To the communist union hack who made the comment about us "scabs:" I am a working man, period. The union has ruined a good American workforce. You pay your dues and attend your meetings while I work and vote Republican to make this country what it used to be.
  • Unbelievable. After all the trouble the Putnam County judge caused, he wants to collect disability payments for his problems.
  • We need street paving, not streetscapes. The recent "grants" are a complete waste of taxpayer money. Cut spending, it's not free if it comes from the federal government - our taxes pay for it. Projects such as this cost me, a taxpayer, and I don't live in any of the cities receiving the grants.
  • Long John Silvers on the Boulevard is going to be torn down to make way for a hotel. A new hotel is great, but this means those of us in my area on the West Side have to go to Kanawha City or Spring Hill.
  • With all the coverage by TV stations of the picture of Jesus in a Jackson, Ohio, school, no one has stated the obvious: They do not have a picture of Jesus Christ in the school. No one knows what Jesus looked like - there is no description of him in the Bible. What the Ohio school has is a painting of a Caucasian, European man, and I doubt Jesus, being a Jew from the Middle East, looked anything like that. So, the entire argument is moot.
  • Why don't they list the last names of the cast of "Buckwild"?
  • Will Huggins yell and belittle Devin Williams until he performs down to the level of the past famed recruits that he has on the floor now?
  • Unemployment should be strictly for those who lose their jobs, not for those who willingly turn their backs on them. If you quit your job or go on strike, you should suffer the consequences and stop taking money out of the taxpayer's pocket.
  • I don't like Obama. Not one bit. But I have to say, get off his back about the vacations. Even when a president takes a so-called vacation, they still have early morning briefings, updates on issues and conduct other business. They really never get a day off while they are in office.
  • Hard to get excited about a feel-good "deal" that will increase our national debt $400 billion per year - Keynesian economics on steroids.
  • Idiot Obama beats genius Republicans again. I wonder how he does this, as conservatives think he is stupid. The only answer is that it is the conservatives who are stupid, and studies have proven that.
  • When are these gutless wonders we sent to Washington going to get serious about cutting spending?
  • WVU spent millions of dollars to bring in a new president and a new football staff to get out of what they considered a mediocre conference and play for the big money, better TV coverage and get nationwide attention. They have succeeded. Instead of being the champions of a mediocre conference (Big East), we are now the laughingstock of the Big 12.
  • WVU spent over $150 million to obtain property on the Mileground area of Morgantown, over $80 million to buy part of Sunnyside, but yet it can't give WVU Tech a few million to upgrade facilities and build its programs. It shows you where WVU's priorities are, and they aren't with saving Tech.
  • Obama gives us many reasons not to like or trust him. But the vacation bashings are just stupid.

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