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What makes West Virginia so beautiful?


Snow, white as the clouds in the sky, is rushing down like the waters of Niagara Falls. Mountains tall as the sky hover over you, and baby blue skies.

Kids, in the friendly neighborhood, would make a snowman or have a snowball fight. If you like angels, then lie in the snow and make a snow angel.

Some people might call this state "the Mountain State." Neighbors saying "hi" to each other and their kids playing in the yard have the best time ever.

If you haven't heard of this beautiful state, it's called West Virginia. The birds, trees and the buildings are the best part; so are the people.

When we first enter West Virginia, you will see the sign that says, "Welcome to West Virginia." When we look to the left and to the right, all we see are trees and mountain ranges that have snow on the sides of them.

After you pass all the tolls, you will start seeing some mountains that are big as a football field going vertical, and sometimes the mountains look like purple. When you enter the capital, which is called "Charleston," the top of the building is gold.

The trees near the large building are beautiful. Their leaves are a mixture of red, orange and yellow. The Capitol is to the right and on the left is a school, which has a ballroom where my aunt got married.

After the wedding we went outside and all kinds of birds were flying.

After we see all of the houses, buildings and the small rivers then we will start going into the middle part of West Virginia. That is where most of the little town areas and houses are.

One of my favorite parts of the middle of West Virginia is Cross Lanes. That is where most of my family lives. It's a small area where everybody knows each other. I think this is the friendly part of this dazzling country.

Of course, on Sunday mornings we all have to go to church. When we are done with the morning service, I get to go to my aunt's house and sit on the porch and wave at random people - just to be nice.

Then we go a little further and you meet the woods. When I was at a shop, I looked outside the window and saw people hunting with their bright neon orange vests on, and they were in camouflage so the animals couldn't see them.

As you can see, West Virginia is a beautiful place to visit. It is the most beautiful and friendliest place on earth. If you are one of those people that like visiting beautiful places, bird watching and love the snow, then West Virginia is a place for you.

West Virginia will always be the most beautiful place I have been. I practically call it home.

Dylan, 11, is the son of Michelle and B.J. Fletcher of Orange Park, Fla., and the grandson of William and Claudia Lane of Cross Lanes. He wrote this as part of a school project on "the most beautiful place you have ever been to."



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