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Steve Burton: What do these goofy polls know about Charleston?

A recent Gallup poll named Charleston, W.Va., as the most miserable city in the United States.

As a native West Virginian and son of a retired Charleston firefighter, I have become used to these polls, and the ridiculous conclusions drawn from said polls.

In each it is said that a "random" sampling of residents were interviewed, and from their answers, cities are either deemed miserable, or as happy as the model families inside picture frames.

Unfortunately, Charleston seems to be so miserable our citizens should literally be keeping the anti-depressant pharmaceuticals in business on our own. When one is depressed, we should simply say, they are "doing the Charleston."

Of course, my idea of renaming anti-depressants after Charley West is as ridiculous as the claims these studies make.

When I review these "polls," I often find myself asking: Who are these people talking to? Do they even live here? If so, do they ever come out of their houses?

I'm starting to think the first thing these folks ask in their interviews is whether or not these folks are suicidal. Yes, they continue. No, they hang up.

As a man who has traveled to many cities around the country, I have to say, Charleston is a great city to live, work, and raise a family. For one, the people are extremely pleasant, and would do anything to help.

Try to find this in Detroit, St. Louis, or New York. It's not going to happen, folks.

I hear people say there is "nothing to do" here. Seriously, I've never had a problem with that.

There are trails to walk and hike, ballgames to attend, theatre productions, festivals and concerts for our enjoyment, not to mention the pure beauty of our city.

There are very few views like the one we have driving in from the west. The site of our city against the backdrop of the Appalachian mountains is absolutely picturesque.

It is time that, as Charlestonians, we defend our city. We have a mayor who truly wants to see our city succeed. We have a young professional population that wants to stay and raise a family in this precious place.

Instead of allowing others to demean our city with ridiculous generalizations, let's fill their minds with the specifics that make Charleston what it is to so many of us - home.

Burton lives in Charleston.


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