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Mike Sengewalt: W.Va. Radio did a fine job, but time for IMG

THANK you, Daily Mail for its recent articles about IMG vs. West Virginia Radio Corp. This issue has dominated the news in Morgantown for months.

But it was your paper that provided the actual proposals. If you take the time to review the respective proposals you will easily see why WVU went with IMG.

We want to be an elite and respected program. IMG has a national presence that provides us much more potential.

West Virginia Radio did a fine job for many years.

But to take advantage of our new conference and realize our potential we need a national partner.

There is room for the local companies to participate, but unfortunately ego stepped ahead of business in some cases.

The typical Mountaineer fan looks anxiously forward to the pre-season polls, hoping for top 10 or at least top 20. The fan wants WVU to be considered a perennial top-20 program.

The same fan complains about the lack of respect for WVU programs, especially football.

The fan wants the football team to go to a BCS bowl every year, and if we win 11 or 12 games to play for the championship.

The fan wants our basketball teams to win the conference, get a good seed and make the Sweet 16. Every couple of years we want to go to the final four and have a chance to win it all.

We are now in the Big 12 Conference, a well-respected major conference.

The Big East Conference lacked respect for football - that made it more difficult to succeed. Yet many of these fans complain that we are in the Big 12. They think we should be in the ACC, Big 10 or SEC.

Those doors were closed to us.

Had we waited it out as many wanted we would now be in the American Athletic Conference with even less respect.

It is time to stop the Monday morning quarterbacking and be thankful that we are in a great conference that will give us a chance to be considered a top program.

We have to earn that on the field though.

Last year was a big disappointment for football and men's and women's basketball.

For football at least this conference was a major step up and may take a few years for us to be able to compete.

For basketball, we need different types of athletes to adjust to the conference style, which may take a year or so. It is time for all fans to put all the crap behind us and support our teams.

Sengewalt of Morgantown is a WVU graduate. He is chief financial officer of United Federal Credit Union in Morgantown.


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