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Now people report to government

WE no longer are a free nation. From now on, Americans must either pay thousands to an insurance company or an annual tribute to the federal government of a percentage of their earnings.

Chief Justice John Roberts sealed Americans' fate Thursday when he wrote the decision that upholds the affront to liberty known as the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare.

It is an awful bill that gives the president the authority to force the Catholic Church to provide free birth control despite its belief that artificial birth control is a sin.

George Walker Bush, like his father before him, sold America down the river by appointing to the Supreme Court John Roberts, who cast the deciding vote in upholding Democrats' handiwork.

The Constitution was established to limit government. Roberts ignored that in upholding Obamacare.

The ruling Roberts wrote erases forever those restrictions upon our elected officials.

The immediate effect is to render health care an Orwellian phrase that means the opposite.

There will be death panels. To save money, the government eventually will restrict medical service — at least for those who do not work for the government.

Health care also now gives the government control of every aspect of your life.

Already — in the name of saving $190 billion a year on obesity costs, a number pulled from the Department of Conjecture and Extrapolation — New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg wants to limit the size of sodas people may buy in his city.

The nation will follow.

The Constitution is now a meaningless document that protects niche rights — gay marriage, aborting babies and burning the flag — while at the same time subjecting the people to a federal government that is all powerful.

A nation conceived in liberty is now dedicated to a government of the government , by the government and for the government.

Think not? Check out public employee pay, benefits and holidays.

Five days before his election in 2008, Barack Obama said he would fundamentally transform the nation.

With Obamacare, he succeeded. He stood on the shoulders of midgets to do so.

The first President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. A generation later, the federal government uses it as an excuse to dictate the slope of the greens in putt-putt golf.

The second President Bush gave us the Department of Homeland Security, whose Transportation Security Administration's sole achievement is to harass ordinary Americans to the point that many will no longer travel by air.

President Nixon signed off on the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Critics warned then that someday the EPA would tax your every breath.

Given the agency's fixation on carbon dioxide, the prediction was not that far off.

I will not go through the much lengthier list of Constitution-shredding by Democratic presidents, as that is too depressing.

As we approach Wednesday's 236th anniversary of this nation's founding, the course of human events has left us in a situation where a law that more than half the people think should be repealed is upheld by a judiciary that has nothing but contempt for liberty.

The government knows best.

The TV show the Twilight Zone had an episode — "To Serve Man" — in which aliens came to the planet and gave us food and medicine before sending us to their planet.

The aliens took care of us following the guidelines of their book, "To Serve Man."

The punchline was that "To Serve Man" was a cookbook.

The federal government now feeds 15 percent of us and has forced universal health insurance upon the rest of us.

As a free people, we are cooked, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts.

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