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Democrats push free lunches for the rich

THE state Senate unanimously approved making school breakfasts and lunches free to all students - including the rich, not just the 55 percent who are so poor that taxpayers pay all or part of their lunch bills.

Passage of the Feed To Achieve bill shows that you can get anything through the state Senate in the name of improving the education of the poor.

Republicans, here's your chance to pass tax relief and spur economic development, saying it is to help poor kids.

Democrats say that although 55 percent of students qualify for free and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches at school because of income, only about 36 percent take advantage of this opportunity.

The Senate bill proposes to require county school systems to solicit private donations and grants to pay for this free food so the state can get more federal reimbursement money.

I imagine counties will send people letters complete with a photo of a young, all-American lad who looks sad.

The letter could read:

"Friends, meet Dawson Creeker, a sophomore at In The Clouds High School, who needs your help.

"Like many young men across the nation, Dawson is athletic and friendly but he has a secret that causes him to struggle at school.

"Dawson is hungry.

"You see, even though his father is a millionaire trial lawyer who has succeeded in suing every corporation that dares try to do business in West Virginia, Dawson is not who he appears to be.

"Dawson goes to school hungry every day, and he never seems to have enough money to pay for breakfast or lunch at school.

"Sure, his father gave him a Beemer for his 16th birthday but Lord knows, Dawson needs a Mercedes-Benz; his friends all drive Porsches, he must make amends. 

"And his $100 a week allowance barely covers the cost of weed, gas and video games.

"He still doesn't have 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified' and that was released last June!

"Things do not have to be this way.

"For a mere $25 a month, you can feed Dawson Creeker at school and two others just like him.

"For $5,000 a month you can feed all of the students at In The Clouds High.

"Best of all, the money you donate stays right here in West Virginia and does not go to feed kids elsewhere.

"Let Africa, Central America and those other places take care of their own children.

"Instead, your donation to Feed To Achieve will work to help to end the hunger in boys like Dawson Creeker."


In my last column, I wrote that Albert Einstein called his support of a Static Universe his "biggest blunder."

Actually, his "biggest blunder" was his creation of the cosmological constant, which was a modification of his original theory of general relativity to achieve a stationary universe.

This modification was necessary after Edwin Hubble and others pointed out the universe indeed seems to be expanding, which supported the Big Bang theory.

Eventually, Einstein embraced the Big Bang theory. Sadly, he died long before he could make a cameo appearance on the TV show of the same name.

My main point remains: Einstein initially rejected the Big Bang. But the great man listened to Static Universe skeptics and eventually embraced Big Bang.

I suggest global warming adherents follow suit and listen to their skeptics.

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