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Christmas with Palin is a delight


UPON learning that their daughter Bristol was pregnant in the spring of 2008, Sarah and Todd Palin got into a heated argument over whether she should marry "that boy," according to a new book.

The author is Sarah Palin.

She expected Bristol to marry the father. Her husband didn't. After a heated discussion, which she described over four pages in her new book, Gov. Palin apologized.

"When I finally realized I needed to take the blame on that day, Todd's face instantly softened toward me," she wrote. "There's something remarkable that happens when one person bridges the ever-widening gap by taking the blame and becoming vulnerable. The relationship suddenly has a chance. Both people can let their defenses down. That one sentence, 'Yeah, I'm to blame,' even makes the relationship stronger."

Washington should try that.

Her candor also contrasts with the air-brushed bios of all the insiders in Washington. She cannot hide. The Associated Press assigned 11 reporters to "fact check" her memoir, "Going Rogue." Palin also has to be the cleanest politician in America because that same AP and other news groups subpoenaed 24,000 emails from her when she was governor and found nothing — other than a keen sense of humor.

"Good Tidings and Great Joy" is her third book and the best of the lot as she relaxed and showed her chops as a writer.

The book centers on the secularization of Christmas. How odd it is that in preaching multicultural diversity, some people want to exclude from society Christianity and its culture, which covers most Americans.

She wrote about the many attempts to take Christ out of Christmas. But the real treat is how she describes her many Christmases in Alaska in a manner that makes one long for just one Christmas in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Included in her memories is the one in 2008, after a losing vice presidential campaign and just before entering grandmotherhood, the latter leading to her recalling that day when Bristol disclosed her pending pregnancy, which disappointed the Palins.

Mandatory safe sex education today apparently works as well as those anti-smoking lectures in the 1960s.  

There is a normalcy about her that resonates with the middle class. Kids make mistakes. Helping them fix those mistakes does lead to arguments. Her tales of Christmas also show she is one of us, the forgotten middle class who do the work, pay the taxes and get shoved to the corner by people who assume they are better than us.

To promote her book, Palin has given many television interviews. The list includes liberals such as Matt Lauer of NBC and conservative David Brody, CBN News chief political correspondent.

"Folks need to cut Sarah Palin some slack," Brody wrote afterward. "She's got more principle and determination in one finger than hordes of liberals combined. Oh, and this Mamma Grizzly is smarter than the average bear. She's ridiculed because she doesn't play the mainstream media's game and didn't go to Harvard or Yale. Oy-gevalt."

Brody alludes to her running as a reformer against Gov. Frank Murkowski, whom she defeated in the Republican primary in 2006.  

It's funny how those who denigrated her intelligence are the ones who declared Barack Obama a genius without ever glancing at his college transcript. How's that Obamacare working out?

While the press babied this president to disastrous results, its ridicule has toughened Palin. She will make a great 45th president. She certainly can write.

Surber is an editorial writer. His email address is


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