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Taxpayers appreciate DMV's eye to efficiency

Just as there are better ways to make mousetraps, there are better ways to make license plates. Accordingly, as Daily Mail Business Editor George Hohmann reported recently, the state is doing away with the familiar heavy metal license plates with raised letters and numbers.

It is replacing them with flat, thinner, lighter, more reflective, more legible license plates that are easier to make, mail and store.

And get this - more environmentally friendly. There's no painting of the plates, no firing up big ovens to cure the paint, and no leftover solvents.

The new digitized plates will also be less expensive to produce.

Joe Miller, who just retired as DMV commissioner, says the state may save at least $600,000 a year.

Put another way, the DMV can produce a better product for $6 million less over 10 years.

That's the kind of efficiency taxpayers really appreciate.

More power to the DMV.



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