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Please, no subsidies for lottery parlors

VIDEO lottery retailers who operate those mini-casinos across the state felt sticker shock when the software vendor for the state announced that an expensive software change is needed.

It could cost retailers as much as $30 million - a cost they didn't expect when they bid on licenses.

As the Daily Mail's Jared Hunt reported, video lottery retailers asked the Lottery Commission to help them out and gave commission members three options:


  • Require the vendor to pay the costs.


  • Have the Lottery Commission pay the costs.


  • Ask the Legislature to subsidize the costs.

    Here's a fourth option: Leave it to the vendor and the retailers to work something out.

    Video lottery retailers have $30 million a month in revenues. They have five years to complete the upgrade.

    While their discomfort is understandable, so is a flat-out rejection of any attempt to make the public subsidize the cost of the upgrade.


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