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Legislators need not maximize expenses

NONE of Kanawha County's 11 delegates and none of its three state senators filed for legislative lodging expenses this year. That's as it should be.

State Sen. Mike Hall, R-Putnam, billed the state for $1,034 in mileage and $2,695 for other expenses, for a total of $3,729. Hall lives in Winfield.

Sen. Chris Walters, who serves Kanawha and Putnam County, lives in Poca. He claimed no expenses.

Delegate Troy Andes, R-Putnam, billed the state for $2,365 for expenses but did not ask for mileage. He lives in Hurricane.

Delegate Brady Paxton, D-Putnam, billed the state $357 for mileage and the $7,980 maximum for living expenses, for a total of $8,337.

Paxton lives in Liberty, 30 miles from the Capitol.

He should bear in mind that nearly one in 10 West Virginians spends an hour or more each day to get to work to earn the money that pays the taxes that cover his expenses.


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