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Matching city elections with state’s could save money

Charleston City Council is considering changing the cycle of city elections to match the state's election cycle. An ordinance proposed at Monday's Council meeting would make city primary and general elections coincide with state and county elections in non—presidential years, beginning in 2018. City voting precincts also would be changed to match those of the county.

The Daily Mail's Matt Murphy reports that matching city elections to those of the county and state could increase voter turnout and reduce conflicts with current polling locations, particularly schools.

City Manager David Molgaard said the change could save the city $250,000 per election.

There are 232 municipalities in West Virginia with varied election schedules.

Those municipalities are encouraged to review their election dates and consider changing off cycle elections for the same reasons. They might also ask themselves if they still need partisan primaries, if in fact there are few contested races in their primaries.

Any reasoned actions that lower the cost of government, reduce disruption to schools and increase voter participation are welcomed.


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