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Congresswoman Capito leads fight to be heard

OFFICIALS from the Environmental Protection Agency are on an 11-city "listening" tour to hear from citizens about regulating carbon dioxide as a "greenhouse gas."

The EPA is drafting regulations that will take effect by June 2015. This will adversely affect the coal industry.

But the tour goes to places like San Francisco and not West Virginia — where 95 percent of the electricity comes from coal.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., is pushing to get EPA officials to at least show common courtesy to the taxpayers and citizens of West Virginia and schedule a hearing in the Mountain State.

"It is difficult to imagine how the EPA could obtain the 'best information available' from which to develop a 'smart, cost-effective' regulation without listening to the people in the states most reliant on coal for electricity," Capito wrote to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Monday.

"Given West Virginia's unique perspective as the state that generates the highest percentage of its electricity from coal and as the second-leading producer of coal, West Virginians have a special interest in sharing their views on regulatory efforts targeting existing plants."

Ignoring West Virginia in writing rules — law, really — governing coal makes not one iota of sense.

Imagine re-writing Medicare laws without any

input from anyone 65 or older.

Or imagine re-writing student loan rules without seeking any input from a college financial office.

Or imagine re-writing federal employee rules without any input from government workers.

The Obama administration is arbitrary and bull-headed in its decisions, often ignoring any criticism of its plans. This is why Obamacare is a train wreck.

Capito deserves thanks for trying to stop the EPA from turning the nation's energy system into yet another train wreck.

No one supports pollution, but no one should support making electricity unnecessarily expensive, unreliable and inconvenient.

Above all, no one wants a government that exists in a bubble that seals the public from the reality of its regulations. 


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