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Issues that matter help GOP get elected

VOTERS put both political parties on notice in the two gubernatorial races in Tuesday's off-year election results; either politicians start addressing the issues that really matter to the people or go home.

In New Jersey, Republican Gov. Chris Christie romped to a 21-point landslide in a state President Obama carried by 17 points last year.

In Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe beat Republican Attorney General Mike Cuccinelli in a squeaker.

Despite being outspent $34 million to $14 million in a state that Obama carried last year, Cuccinelli could have won had he not concentrated on social issues that no longer resonate with an electorate that is in the fourth year of a recoveryless recovery.

But while the lesson is clear to Republicans — concentrate on economic issues — Democrats really need to worry.

McAuliffe bombarded his state with television ads and barely won because the perception outside of Washington is that the Democratic Party has failed to competently perform its executive duties.

The rollout of Obamacare provides a good example.

Google and Yahoo handle millions of users every hour with ease. Amazon does $61 billion worth of business online every year. And the government cannot run a much smaller website?

The public senses that there is something extremely wrong with the federal government.

For example, the $787 billion stimulus failed to stimulate much. It did buy a $22,600 router to serve one computer in Marmet. However, some also sense that Republicans offer few viable alternatives.

Instead of turning to Cuccinelli conservatives,

Republicans need to consider Christie competents. He managed to take on and defeat the powerful education establishment in his state.

That led to his landslide win. He ran on his record, which was solid.

Republican governors in other states also are getting results: Scott Walker in Wisconsin, who staved off a union-coordinated recall; Rick Scott in Florida; Susana Martinez in New Mexico; Bobby Jindal in Louisiana and Nikki Haley in South Carolina.

Some are moderates, some are conservatives but all are competent. That is what the American people want, need and expect from their government.

The American people are not getting that from Washington today.


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