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School board selects a fine replacement

THE Kanawha County School Board on Tuesday selected Dennis Davis to fill the unexpired term of board member Bill Raglin, who died last month.

Davis, who was sworn in immediately and will serve through June when Raglin's term expires, is a great choice to serve on the governing body of the state's largest school system.

A lifelong resident of Institute in Kanawha County, Davis comes to the board after a lengthy career in the school system, having served as a teacher or administrator at a junior high, a career and technical school and an adult career center before serving as assistant superintendent.

After retiring from Kanawha County Schools, he served as executive director of the state's Workforce Development office, and has formed his own company. He earned degrees from West Virginia State and Marshall universities, and served in the U.S. Army.

A good education along with experience in the military, the school system, workforce development and private business are all worthy credentials.

"I am quite proud you have selected me this morning to take his place," Davis told board members after being selected. "I am not Mr. Raglin, but I can assure you I will give it a Raglin try."

Based on his public statements, Davis seems to understand the crucial role of the board of education.

"The policies of this board are critical to the successful operation of the school system," he said. "And I understand the need to weigh fully the implications of changes to any existing policies or new policies. I pledge to work with all of you as we work to make this a vibrant, functioning, responsive system that meets the needs of all students and employees."

Well said.

Board members must balance their role by providing strategic direction and support to allow school administrators and teachers the room to do their jobs without fear of interference and second guessing.

Davis gave no indication he would consider running after the current term expires, telling Daily Mail education reporter Shay Maunz he is "only here to fill Mr. Raglin's seat."

The board made a good choice in Dennis Davis. Students, parents and the community look forward to his positive contributions to education in Kanawha County. 


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