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FOUR years ago, after their economy cratered, Americans elected a man who promised them, vaguely, "hope" and "change." They didn't get what they expected.

The "change" turned out to be a federal takeover of health care, a vast expansion of the welfare state, trillion-dollar deficits, high unemployment, a cuckoo energy policy, and disregard for constitutional limits on power.

As for "hope," 23 million Americans are still struggling to find work and the national debt is up to $16 trillion. Four more years of this would be even more disastrous.

The United States needs a turnaround specialist, and it has one - presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

President Obama has spent his life in politics, and he is smooth - and deceptive.

Romney, though he served as governor of Massachusetts, has spent decades as a private-sector leader.

He does not dazzle. He comes across as the serious-minded square that he is. He knows what needs to be done to get the American engine running again.

The president's pitch is that larger government will save the day, and Democrats insist that tax increases when the economy is flatlined is the right approach.

Romney backs an approach that would actually work:

  • A flatter, fairer tax structure.
  • A rational energy policy that would produce the affordable power needed to support manufacturing.
  • A sensible regulatory approach that would allow American businesses to thrive and create jobs.
  • A level playing field on trade.
  • Improved schools and better job training programs.
  • Government that is smaller and more efficient - not larger and more expensive.
  • As for entitlement programs, Democrats are shamelessly lying to seniors in an attempt to scare them. Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan are the ones playing it straight here.

    Each generation pays for its parents' Social Security and Medicare benefits, and that would not change. The Ryan plan would not affect current retirees at all, nor would it affect those those nearing retirement.

    Romney and Ryan would, however, redesign the programs so younger generations will be able to benefit from them as well. And they would pursue the economic growth Americans need to make the transition.

    Democrats are trying to save their own jobs.

    Republicans are trying to save the country.


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