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Well, what about the New Era Pinstripe Bowl?

Naturally there are pros and cons to WVU's New Era Pinstripe Bowl trip to play Syracuse. Let the family debates begin about whether or not to go to the bowl game this year.

Reasons to go:

n You can get there. Mountaineer fans will drive pretty much anywhere on the East Coast to see their team. New York City is 260 miles from Martinsburg, 380 miles from Morgantown, 490 miles from Parkersburg and 530 miles from Charleston and Beckley.

That makes it a reasonable one-day drive. Additionally, New York City is much closer for more WVU alums than any other Big 12 bowl.

n It's a great date. The game is played on Saturday, Dec. 29. That makes it easier for fans to fit a quick bowl trip into their work schedules.

n New York City is an attraction. Sure, it's expensive, but there are many things fans can do at little or no cost.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Take a ferry. See the Statue of Liberty as millions of immigrants did. Check out the Christmas decorations at Rockefeller Center. Make a quiet visit to Ground Zero. Grab a comfortable seat and just people-watch.

n Beat the Big East. The game is one more opportunity for WVU to prove that it belongs in a better football conference than the deteriorating Big East or even the ACC.

A convincing victory over Syracuse would establish more distance between where West Virginia is now and where it was a year ago.

Be there and witness it. Bring the Schwartzwalter Trophy back to Morgantown and lock it down.

n Yankee Stadium. OK, it's not the original, but it's still where the Yankees play and the new ballpark (it opened in 2009) incorporates in its design the storied history of one of sports most important franchises.

n Hey, it's a bowl, isn't it? Mountaineer coaches get the extra practices that go with a bowl game, while fans get one more opportunity to see Geno, Tavon and company.

West Virginia has a chance to finish with three consecutive wins, building momentum for next season.

Reasons not to go:

n The irony is too much. West Virginia thought it left behind the Big East and its marginal bowls.

Now the Mountaineers, in a bigger and better league, find themselves going to a bowl they wanted to avoid when they were in the Big East.

n It's expensive. Check Priceline and you might be able to find a three-star hotel in midtown Manhattan for around $300 a night, while four-stars are $400 to $500 or more.

If you can afford to stay in a five-star hotel, then you're not worried about the price anyway.

n The weather. Most bowls are at warm-weather locations, or at least warmer than West Virginia in the winter.

According to the Weather Channel, the average high for December in New York City is 43 degrees, while the low is 32. The Holiday Bowl in San Diego would have been much warmer.

n Wait till next year. Save the money you would have spent going to New York and go to an away game in the Big 12 next year.

Norman, Okla. isn't the Big Apple, but the people there appreciate college football and you'll see a better opponent. The Hampton Inn in Norman has rates for $76 a night and the beer is cold at The Brewhouse.

n Can't stand losing. It's possible, though not likely, that West Virginia could lose to Syracuse for the third year in a row. Do you really want to be there for that?

Kercheval is host of TalkLine, broadcast by the MetroNews Statewide Radio Network from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday. The show can be heard locally on WCHS 580 AM.


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