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Nursing home patients need larger allowances

Is anyone interested in what is happening in nursing homes? Room and board are all that is covered with payments. The actual cost averages $7,000 per month.

How long can you afford to live at that rate? That is an average of $84,000 per year.

Residents are allowed $50 per month for necessities. Everything is extra: haircuts for men, $10; hearing aid batteries, $11.95; disposable underwear, $11.95 per week; newspapers, $10; toiletries, $20; snacks, $10; massages, $30.

This is just an example of things a resident may need or want, and it is obvious $50 does not go very far.

The fact is, the rate has not been changed for 10 years, but the economy has.

If a person is bedridden or wheelchair-bound, a massage is not a luxury, but may keep the person from developing blood clots, sores, atrophy, etc.

Please contact your state government officials and help get the law changed.  It is imperative to nursing home residents who are at the mercy of the state.

It is a very sad state of affairs.

Some people have no one to visit or do things for them. If a resident does not use $50 per month, and the amount adds up to $2,000, the government takes the money back.

Yes, there is government assistance involved, but is this how we want our elderly citizens to live? I do not.

Most of these people have led full and productive lives, and find themselves at the mercy of a nursing home, sitting around waiting to die. Please give them the dignity they deserve.

Please visit a nursing home and take your dog. Take a flower, and get to know someone who has very little. It is beneficial to everyone involved.

Linda Montgomery




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