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Darrell McGraw has not helped W.Va.

McGraw has spent his long stay as attorney general amassing wealth at the expense of the people he is sworn to protect - the people of West Virginia.

He has spent the spoils of a number of lawsuit victories on personal promotion, when any attorney general worthy of his office would have immediately turned any recovery over to the Legislature, which is supposed to control the state's funds.

At a time when our attorney general should be protecting the people of West Virginia from the intrusive requirements of Obamacare, McGraw remained silent and refused to join 26 other states that sued to prevent being forced to spend millions implementing that very bad program.

In reality, McGraw actually supports the Obama agenda of consolidating power in Washington through his inaction.

In stark contrast, Patrick Morrisey represents the best of the legal profession. He has a distinguished career encompassing medical issues, ethics and constitutional law.

He is committed to actively protecting West Virginia from encroachment on our states rights by the federal government. He has publicly committed to return any recovery monies to the treasury without exception.

Morrisey will take an active role in advising the Legislature on issues of law and use his office to do what he would be elected to do - enforce the laws of the state in an even-handed manner and protect the citizens from those who would injure them or limit their freedoms under the state and federal constitutions.  

This year, at a critical time for West Virginia, we are fortunate to have such a clear choice between the corruption of the past and the hope of a better future for West Virginia through the candidacy of Patrick Morrisey.

Tom Stark



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