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Romney will serve all Americans

Ronald Reagan was first an accomplished Hollywood actor. Naysayers predicted Reagan would operate from the Oval Office as an actor, which clearly he did not.

It was his practice to speak directly to his audience, be it one or millions, matter-of-factly  detailing his agenda.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has that same attribute. Romney will be in full support of the American people should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

Our country is in great peril. Elections have consequences, and the forthcoming election more than any.

Many people get bogged down in the minutia of frivolous points rather than paying attention to the big picture.

Romney has been wrongly disparaged for comments that were only partially reported to ensure the greatest negative effect.

If elected, Romney will help all people.

The number of people receiving food stamps far exceeds previous levels. Our deficit is so far in the trillions that we are fast approaching the point that we won't be able to recover.

Generations yet unborn will be burdened with the debt incurred today.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will excel at improving our economy. The economy will take off fast, reducing unemployment and food stamps.

Repeal of the unaffordable so-called "Affordable Care Act" will save us from new taxes we can ill afford. The current occupant of our Oval Office said our electric bills would necessarily skyrocket; Romney and Ryan will ensure that they will not.

Romney and Ryan can only right this dangerously listing ship by being elected, so let's ensure that happens on Nov. 6.

Donald L. Wallo




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