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Write-in candidate is best for W.Va.

Please consider Barbara Lynn Spurlock as a write-in candidate for governor of West Virginia.

Does she have any political experience? Yes, in the medical field, as Marshall University student health nurse for nine years.

Spurlock has been involved with the politics of organized religion for over 30 years in some of the largest churches in the Huntington area.

Spurlock has also been involved with Huntington City Council, which governs the Westmoreland area of this city, but is located in Wayne County.

For seven years, she has been active to save her community, Camden Park and Ceredo, from a coal barge mooring facility along the Ohio River. This would greatly reduce both business and residential property values.

She has not held an elected office. This means not having experience with political corruption.

I am not asking you to vote for Spurlock, but to consider who you are probably voting for Nov. 6. How much political "experience" do they possess?

Spurlock has none and is not controlled by any party system that is currently destroying our American way of life, especially those who are representing us in Washington, D.C.

Gary P. Adkins




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