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The board was right to fire Jorea Marple

For the past year I have tried to communicate with former state School Superintendent Jorea  Marple and have attended most of the state Board of Education meetings and have been on the agenda to speak.

I have directed numerous questions to Marple, and many emails.

Not one has she answered. Any direct question or email she ignored or referred to one of her subordinates.

I applaud board president Wade Linger and the board members for firing her - and yes, the state board does need to change direction.

I live in Fayette County and see how the state Department of Education has handled the school system and treated citizens who have spoken out against the state control.

For three years, the state department has been in Fayette County and the only thing I see accomplished is schools closed.

Test scores are lower, communication is very poor, employee morale is the lowest I have ever seen it, dropout rate higher, fewer schools meeting state standards, larger central office staff with larger salaries, and the list could go on.

Every time I asked for an audience with Marple, she would assign Chuck Heinlein to talk to me and others.

He will do a good job until a superintendent is hired.

I have worked and known Chuck for 30 years as a fellow school administrator.

The board members who spoke out for Marple were her puppets, and at every board meeting they would follow her lead. I am also glad to see them gone.

Wade Linger and Gayle Manchin are independent thinkers and great board members.

They have and do what is best for children in every way.

Also, look who is taking up for Marple - the teacher organizations and those she has appointed to positions around the state.

By replacing Marple, I think politics has been removed from the state board and children and citizens of West Virginia have won and will see better days.

Randall Patterson

Meadow Bridge


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