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It was spending that led to deficits

The federal budget deficits and the national debt do not exist because any Americans are insufficiently taxed. They exist because our government continues to spend too much money.

Raising taxes on those in higher-income brackets won't begin to solve the deficit and debt problem, so why are Democrats insisting on doing it?

As usual, they offer non-solutions that sound good to the uninformed voter, but don't address the problem.

Any Washington deal that doesn't include real spending cuts is a waste of time and money.

More than 40 cents of every dollar our government spends is borrowed. President Obama insists we spend even more, yet 51 percent of the voters reelected him.

We are destroying the quality of life for future generations by burdening them with our debt.

There is nothing wrong with insisting that our government spend only the money it takes in and take in only what it needs to fulfill its constitutional obligations.

Brent Kessinger



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