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Gun control affects only the law-abiding

I was recently interviewed by a local TV news program. The filmed spot was OK, but I was misquoted in the closing comment that stated I was in favor of additional gun control laws. Absolutely not correct.

Not only am I against additional gun control laws, can anyone tell me which one of the hundreds already in place has ever prevented a criminal activity?

I am just as annoyed, angry and frustrated about the shootings that have occurred nationwide over the past several years as everyone else is or should be. The ones by shooters with advanced educations are really baffling.

Certainly no good, useful law can be formed from the frustration, desperation, highly charged emotional upheaval and misdirected anger that has been created by these several events.

Can Congress, which has had so much trouble agreeing on anything useful or productive, come up with a law that will identify the criminally insane, mentally incompetent or potential murderer?

For starters, how about tightening up on the criminal punishments, something meaningful?

We frequently see that a criminal that has just been arrested has been arrested many times previously. Paroled and shortened sentences just allow them to get back to criminal activity sooner.

How about 10-15 years automatically - no plea bargaining, ineligible for parole - as a penalty for carrying or brandishing any weapon during the committing of a criminal act? Prompt executions wouldn't hurt either.

Just a start. Then how do we identify and deter the mentally incompetent? Is there a workable solution to this problem?

Remember, if guns are ever outlawed, only the outlaws will then have guns and the law abiding will become a pool of unarmed victims.

To this point, no authority, no law has been able to eliminate or even reduce criminal activity. Neither will another gun control law.

Philip Heck

Gallipolis, Ohio



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